A brief, long-lasting moment in time…

I disappeared off the face of the earth for 2 weeks last school-term. Faced with both extenuating work and life challenges and that far exceeded the capabilities of 1, my body, and Self shut down. I could no longer sustain this… my heart was experiencing increased tension combined with a pounding rapid heart-rate; my mind was operating at such a high function that I was experiencing physical and cognitive exhaustion – yet endured (that’s resilience, right?). I no longer sit in my work staffroom and engage with the wonderful personalities that are my colleagues, because it is inefficient and unproductive to walk back to my desk, in between lessons and during scheduled breaks, as this results loss of valuable time that I could dedicate to work tasks (if I take my breaks, then that means I take work home). And-so I remain in whichever classroom I last taught in, attempting to: create new learning resources, update on-line learning platforms, meet the needs of more than 100 different students (ages of 13-17 and not forgetting to report every contact), keep on-top of school agendas and processes, emails, deadlines and more. FYI, teachers get paid 25 hours per work – that’s it. Yes, we have scheduled time off (I could explain this, but simply don’t want too; those that know; know – those that don’t; don’t and yet still have their children in some schooling system somewhere). In addition to this, the Despot part of my identity, attempts to keep on top of personal life responsibilities, while the Yasmina addition adds a splash of things she actually enjoys doing, such as writing, my darling Scotti, singing, learning, just being…

This isn’t a rant, simply an opportunity to write, as I so very much enjoy too and don’t often get enough focused time to marinate in this creative practice.

So, what’s the point, because most people need one. Here-goes:

1. Don’t live to work; work to live.
2. Spend more time in nature.
3. Learn how to make an income without the exchange of your life and during the most beautiful
hours of the day.
4. Switch your mind and the noise of society off; listen to your body – it has A LOT to tell you.
5. Surrender to your truest self and let her/him shine through (people will judge regardless of if
they like you or not and when you worry about this, return to step 3.
6. Don’t beat yourself up on making a mistake, as this is an opportunity to learn. LEARNING IS
7. Fuel both your body and your mind with good quality food and information; the body deteriorates
over time, your mind you can get stronger if you learn how to train it. (Spend 20 minutes on
physical training AND 20 minutes on brain training activities each day).
8. Practice being that little bit kinder, to yourself and to others, in any c onscious moment of
this thought.
9. Love yourself a little harder, as often as you can and tell those most close to you that love
them also.
10. Cry; Laugh; Inhale; Exhale; Yell; Surrender; Love; Fight and in the direction of improving your
SELF and becoming an evolved YOU for YOU! Life is for us to experience the most beautiful
juxtaposing collection of emotions; so do exactly that and EXPERIENCE them, in their entirety,
as we would not know one without the other.

Well that’s that… My heart feels full; my mind eager; soul in a peaceful state of understanding and spirit renewed.

In life.

I am.

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