This space provides a brief detail of experiences I have gained within my teaching career and also an opportunity to communicate my philosophy as an Educator within the schooling system and as a mobile tutor.

As the world we know continues to advance in its technological developments… information is accessible at the click of a button. What does this mean for us as past, present or interested learners? It means we have the potential to become whomever we chose and to acquire knowledge in any area of interest. I believe learning is a life long process, one that is often under valued.
Through my years of teaching across an array of contrasting subject areas the education system has revealed itself as both daunting and surprisingly simple. Not much has changed it seems as students are expected to: learn content, be examined and/or assessed, receive a grade and repeat this process for often more than 10 consecutive years right? In and around this process relationships are built, teachers transfer in and out, students transfer in and out, drama occurs, high achievers are awarded and trouble-makers reprimanded… So forth continues this story. We have all been a student once and all have gained experience within our lives in one capacity or another. What I provide and how I approach teaching is not to specifically focus on syllabus directed content but to teach students HOW to learn, as, when, any one individual knows how they best learn then they can learn anything.

What does this mean and why am I communicating this to you today?

Well, for now it is to simply plant a seed in whomever reads this post as learning is not just for your children but for anyone with an interest or desire. We fuel our minds with television and easy to comprehend entertainment and I’m here to tell you that I see more ability within you then you may yourself and I would love to go just one day without being asked “Are you watching MAFS”? No judgment, well maybe a little. I believe in a community that fosters quality conversations with our youth and facilitates the development of a more determined, aware and enlightened generation, to better direct our world toward a healthier future. A generation that uses their internet access to query theories and challenge outdated social ideals.

Anyway, this is my first draft and like any teacher or student ‘crafting’ and ‘re-crafting’ phases are on-going, so, for today, this is a simple introduction to the mindset of 1 teacher, 1 student, 1 human, in a quest we call life, to find a little more excitement through the possibilities that can become realities, if we follow up a dream by taking a first step and asking questions: who, what, when, where, why and how can I walk a little quicker toward the direction of a life I chose?

For more information about my tutoring and/or learning guidance, or if you simply want to engage in conversation about an interesting topic feel free to make contact via my instagram page as I too enjoy learning new things.

“No one person knows everything at any one time” – Me

Qualifications and Experience

Secondary Education degree and work experience in the following fields:

Health and Physical Education
History and Geography

I have gained experience in sports coaching for Touch, AFL and Netball teams at Trinity Lutheran College and Mansfield State Independent High School; Coordinated study abroad programs for Japanese sister schools and distance education programs for those who are interested in learning about subjects outside of current school curriculums. Tutored students from P1-12 grades and across various subject areas extending outside those listed above.