Crystal Glass Hippies

Why crystal glass hippies

It’s the champagne taste on a lemonade budget analogy. Because we like for both simple and complex pleasures (not all materialistic either). We appreciate the intricate characteristics provided to us, from the most beautiful picturesque natural landscapes, or a cute puppy to a glass of top shelf whisky, Louis Vuitton bag and everything in between.

We agree that it’s not what you have and how much of it you possess, but the qualities of a person and the sharing of experiences, pertaining to likeminded interests. We found each other after 36 years of searching and aspire to make the effort to achieve the best relationship, combined with a purposeful life, laced with activities that we most enjoy and keep us feeling young. We appreciate immature humour combined with academic literature that speaks to the philosophies of humanity. We can sit for hours and discuss Foucault’s theory of power, while laughing at snot hanging from one of our noses. We agree that the busyness of society and the noise of people’s judgments can prevent us from being our most authentic selves. And-so, hand in hand we commence down our own little path; on our own journey and together forever. This path aims to communicate our approach, combined with the practice of balance and through mindfully creative activities, that draws on life experience and researched literature.

Come along for the ride, share your interests and lets simply see how we can affect change through actioning change (1 little practice, or 1 little post at a time).


Crystal Glass Hippies.